Tube Fittings

If you’re not a professional, it’s probably best to leave this job for the professionals. If you’d like to give tire tubes a shot, here are some tips that will help make your life easier

Advice on how to put tubes in tires

1. Determine whether a tube is suitable for your needs: 

Tubeless tires that are properly fitted to rims and operated do not require inner tubes; in rare cases, such as with a spoked rim or when using a tube-type tire, users may choose to install an inner tube. Tube fitting size chart plays a key role in choosing the right tube from various tube fitting types. Consult a professional tire dealer or service technician for advice on whether plastic/ steel tubes fittings are necessary and how to choose the right tube for your motorcycle or passenger vehicle.

2. Double-check that the tube:

Only an experienced tire specialist should install tires and tubes. The following are some important rules for fitting tubes into tires safely and correctly:

  1. When replacing a tire, always use a fresh tube.
  2. Always use a tube with size markings that match. If the correct size tube is not available, do not use an alternate size tube.
  3. Before fitting a tube to any tire, thoroughly inspect the inside of the tire to ensure that there are no features that could damage the tube.

The following are some examples, but they are not limited to:

  • Identification labels are of paper or plastic. If there are any labels on the tube, we should remove them before fitting them.
  • Damage in the tire’s inner part, potentially because of a prior puncture or repair. Do not use tubes on damaged tires.
  • a foreign substance (e.g, dirt or debris).

d. When installing a new tube, replace the rim band.

g. New tubes should be pre-inflated to ensure that they fit evenly within the tire cavity.

3. Inner tubes should never fix a puncture in a tubeless tire; instead, perform a proper repair to keep the tire’s tubeless features.

4. Check the air pressure according to the tire manufacturer’s or your professional tire supplier’s recommendations.

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