Brake discs are said to be “superior” type of brake, because disc brakes do a better job dissipating heat. Under severe use disc brakes take longer than drum brakes to lose effectiveness, which is a condition known as “brake fade.”

If your car’s brake discs are showing signs of wear and tear, including delayed braking times, a vibrating steering wheel or even the smell of burning rubber when the brakes are applied? These are  underlying problem, and you should bring them to AL Fatah Tyres and we will check the issue for you.

We conduct the necessary tests to accurately determine which would be more beneficial to you.

Brake Skimming

The lathe works on the vehicle,The automatic surface machining of a disc is completed in around 4 minutes. The complete process takes less than 10 minutes per disc. All brake discs can be skimmed at least once.

Your brake discs should be replaced when they reach minimum thickness.

Brake disc skimming  is a better quality and lower cost alternative to brake disc replacement.

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